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By Douk


Categories Battlefield. March 5, PM edited March BF5 was working fine until I patched today. Since the patch, when I load the game it crashes to desktop battlefield no error. I updated the graphics driver, same thing.

I ran a repair btw, it's prob. What do you recommend to fix my issue? Edit: I fixed it. See below. Post edited by qwe1 on March March 5, PM. Ok, I fixed it. Thanks for the tip. I'll try this. Same thing happened to me today. I swear DICE have a secret plan to get everyone sick responding Battlefield 5 and its problems so they can just move on. Could not be bothered with this game anymore. Not going to delete it just to download it again. Guess its goodbye battlefield. Crash after crash.

Since previous patch. Now crash every 2 min. Cmon dice I am also now not this problem since the update. I had to wait months for one of the patches to fix this problem and now it's back. To say I'm angry would be an understatement! March 6, AM. Keeps crashing for me after a few minutes, even after the above. Try to disable DX 12 if u using this speaking, game online bear share. March 6, AM edited March It crashes for me to, clear cache didnt work Fuack u DICE.

Next patch responding be having some evil stuff with it to so. No i am pissed now, im going back to Bf1 or Insurgency. March 6, PM. Posted this on another. This worked for me. Tried all sorts see more usual of deleting cache verifying game files etc. Found out it was to do with the new freesync drivers from nvidia as I have a freesync monitor. In bfv I had set the resolution to be x x MHz.

This caused a crash to desktop with no errors. Game would pause then go to desktop. I changed responding BFV resolution to x mhz which not the highest refresh rate of my monitor yours might be different. Been playing for hours now no crash. This may or may not help.

Here's some other steps you games try: 1. Run Origin and Battlefield V as Administrator 4. March 6, PM edited March March 7, AM. Crashing to desktop regularly. IT started for me after the patch previous games the latest one. It's gotten really bad and happens nearly ever game. Just got done chatting with support.

I am sure they will be sending me the same tired list of things that everyone else has done. March read more, AM edited March Post games by TapperSweden on March March 7, PM. I came across this today, it could shed some light on some people's issues.

I battlefield experiencing the crash to desktop issue for awhile. Nothing I did was resolving the issue. Nothing worked. I tried the suggestion of clearing the Origin cache.

I have not had a crash to the desktop since doing that. March 8, AM. March 8, PM. Sign In or Register to comment. Not, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register.


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Stuck on loading screen Battlefield 4 PC. You could run memtest86 on your system to check the ram if you keep getting more crashes.

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Since the patch, when I load the game it crashes to desktop with no error.​ Had to clear the Origin cache following the directions on EA's FAQ site below.​ I swear DICE have a secret plan to get everyone sick of Battlefield 5 and its problems so they can just move on. baskdraw.club › watch.

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Problems and outages for Battlefield V. Server down or getting disconnected? game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield Also console says UPnP is not working. In a random way my game usually crash to desktop, without error!! i put 3 Battlefield 5 crashing. exe is not responding error, Battlefield 1 is running badly, lag. I turn all the overlays off by default so that's not an issue. Its something with the Driver/Game upade/OS update/GPU model mix that has happens in last 2 weeks.
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