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Get a new desktop or gaming downloads That brand new installation of Windows is lean and mean and lighting fast, but it's lacking some of the must-have applications we use all the time as PC gamers.

Some necessary these are pretty download, like Steam and Google Chrome. Buy a game there are plenty of other everyday programs that deserve to be on your system, and plenty others that are handy every so often. Thanks to a bundling service called Niniteyou can download and install most of these in one go.

First, we're going to give a brief overview of the programs we suggest installing with Ninite. Then we're going to list a few more of our go-to apps. Don't more info your new system live long without them and, if you need it, here's our guide to the best antivirus for gaming PCs.

Ninite downloads a custom download for you of the applications you want, then installs all of them in one go. It's mercifully free of the annoying toolbars and free offers and other adware most installers try to sneak onto your PC. It's simple, and it works download. It also offers a lot of software you probably don't need, so we picked out what we'd recommend for a new gaming rig, and Ninite was nice enough to put them all together in a convenient package for us.

You can find that at ninite. Avira - Currently what we consider the best free antivirus available. Discord - The de facto gaming messaging client, and one we use every day.

It also has a great mobile app. Join the PC Gamer Club and come chat with us! Skype - As much as we hate it when Skype Improves Our Experience, you should probably have it to chat with your parents or or significant other.

Free and lightweight and it'll never bug you to pay for it. VLC - VLC can play anything and is a reliable all-around necessary player, with no need for outside codecs. We have another media player recommendation below, too.

Good for playing FLACs or other lossless files if you have a library of them. All of them Java 8. Net, Silverlight, Air, Shockwave - Sooner or later you'll probably need all of these for something. Might as well load them up now, or you'll end up groaning when some program asks for one. Dropbox - You most likely have a Dropbox account for quickly moving files between systems. Grab it! IrfanView - Optional If you take lots of game screenshots or otherwise deal with images in bulk, IrfanView is our favorite tool for necessary resizing, cropping, conversion, and so on.

Powerful automation tools, and good for just viewing images, too. Windirstat - Right download your new PC is whistle-clean, read article it won't always be that way.

Windirstat gives you a nice visual downloads of how all your storage is allocated, making it easy to locate some big chunky files you might want to toss in the recyle bin.

Otherwise, grab the more bloated but more powerful Adobe Acrobat. If you're assembling your own installer, give each of the above programs a checkmark, then gift games can "Get Your Ninite" to create an installer that bundles all of these programs together. Then run it, sit back, and watch your PC fill up with the utilities you'll be using all the time. You probably know exactly which launchers you need, but depending on what games you play, or where you like to hunt for deals, downloads should download installing the following:.

In the rare instance that one of them doesn't work, the other almost certainly will. We prefer MPC download a hair, mostly due games its menu layout and how quickly instantly, really it starts up.

Plus, games you ever want downloads play two big video files side-by-side, why not have both? Whatever gaming mouse you use, it's got software to go with it that will let you bind your keys, adjust the DPI, and more. Download it to configure your mouse to your liking. Our favorite gifmaking tool. Gifcam is a free, very small program that lets you record an necessary of your screen, edit the gif frame-by-frame, add effects, and export at a nice compressed size.

Or you can go high framerate and upload necessary a site like Gfycat for a nice smooth necessary. Afterburner is an awesome free combo package for overclocking your GPU and making your games run better.

The graphics overclocking part of the program will let you tweak the settings of your GPU, getting even more performance out of a card higher memory and processor clocks.

The built-in hardware monitoring will help you tune in performance. But plenty of overclocking utilities can do all that. Some games deliver frames please click for source an uneven pace, making performance choppy, and their own framerate controls aren't up to par. Oh yeah: it can capture screenshots, too. Downloads, it makes your screen look orange and weird.

But stick with f. The tagline "software games make your life better" may sound trite, but when you're preventing headaches and improving your quality of sleep, it really is true. It kicks in towards the end of the work visit web page, warming the typical LCD white-blue to something much easier on the eyes. If you use iOS's "Night Shift" mode, you've already experienced what f. If you bought one of the best gaming laptopsor prebuilt desktop, it probably already came with all the basic drivers you need for it to work--network adapter, sound, etc.

But your motherboard probably has some utilities you could download that come in handy. And upgrading your BIOS will ensure that your system is running in tip-top shape. Whether you do that upgrade from Windows or the UEFI, having these tools at the ready will make your new system games a bit nicer and easier to use. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Setting up a new PC Looking for more help with that new rig? Games got you covered.

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