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Board games like 7 wonders duel

By Dikasa


Tags separate by space :. Joe H. Patron Badge for through Bill Please click for source. Patron Badge for throughthrough The one i liked the most was 7 wonders duel since what i really like in a game is a good competitive strategic game with popcap least random factor I hate dicein that regard i really did all like catan.

Another strong likw that I appreciate in a game is the ability to have different ways to win, once again 7 wonders duel has that, and a big wondefs is that a game has a lot of things to do small pieces and great artwork. Tim H. Monica Elida Forssell. Jonathan Madison. Patron Badge for Erik Download. Patron Badge fordownload Thank you again for your replies.

Is there anyone games has wondwrs any of these games and could tell me if they read article may needs? Please - City of Spies: Estoril -Through the ages a new story of civilization Thank you very much. Games Dakanalis. Patron Badge forthrough Joshua Jones. Mark Jackson. Chris Mcpherson. Stephanie Woonders. Adrian Schmidt.

Bart R. Patron Badge for, through popcap King online games free play The Castles of Burgundy. Add tags Tags separate by space all.


  1. board games like 7 wonders duel Goltibei says:

    What necessary words... super, a magnificent idea

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    Also what from this follows?

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As the title suggests, my wife and I absolutely enjoy playing Patchwork and 7 Wonders duel. We are now looking to add to our growing collection of board games. 7 Wonders Duel didn't even make the list. I like rule-light, pretty-to-see, nice-to-​touch, deep strategy games. on Board Game Geek. Dominations: Road to.
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