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By Kigazshura


The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of February 21 - Everyone ready for the Friday Highlight? It's ready for you here! February 14 - 3rd vote results for the Community Stuff Pack are sims One of the birthday goals is to play simd game with the birthday sim but I can't figure out what to do.

The birthday sim is in games active household. Gqmes tried chess and the card table but with no success. KevWalker Posts: Member. September just click for source Maybe a video game would work, or the best game of all -Woohoo!

EsotericRogue Posts: Member. I'm thinking more like chess more info a card game. Mariposah Posts: Member. Chess worked for me. Make sure you choose "play with". Origin ID: Tiraehd. Cool thanks. I'll give it a go. I did chess but that was no the. I may have done it the wrong way.

I got it! I had been setting them up to play chess but I was being too games and stopped them after an in-game half hour had passed. This time I let them play until they finished play it worked.

Bradakinz Posts: 17 Member. I have trouble making a birthday cake when I hire a caterer DianeLuvsMunky Posts: Member. But make sure to gzmes it in the fridge because it might spoil before you get to it. I may have to try that next time lol cheers. AxeEcliptica Posts: Member. October Play there any other games to play besides chest? I don't feel like dropping all those simoleons on a chess table we're only going to use at parties not to mention that sounds like a pretty boring party game.

Krowpa Posts: 56 Member. Chess is pretty good for logic, too, so it isn't really that bad a buy. JoxerTM22 Posts: 5, Member. Junkbarbarian's guide: Killing with anger. Jessabi Posts: 68 Member. I always use the card table game since you can get 4 sims around it at once :. SakuraLeon Posts: Member. February They need to bring back console games plxy the TV! I use to love having the whole family round the TV playing! Sign In or Sims to comment.


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