Free classroom and summer school water games and activities for children.

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Set it up and let your kiddos slide away as the track fills with water -- even better if you get in on the action.

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I have heard good things about blogengine. The water source should be placed between the teacher and the place where the teams will shoot from.

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Gun Tag. Photo source: Tim Pierce/Flickr. Duck, Duck, Splash. This.

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There are a miriad of different ways to play this classic wide game and playing it using water balloons is one of the best. Perfect for a youth camp wide game. So I’ve done some searching and found 25 awesome water games to play in the backyard.​ Now my kids can have outdoor fun without melting into puddles on the sidewalk.​ These games are a great alternative to indoor fun, and would also be perfect for summer birthday parties, family. Perfect way to revamp any water play activities. Definitely thinking about doing some of these at the nursery school.
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