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Skip to main content Perfect Fit Dog Harness. In Stock. I was searching for a harness for my Cane Corso Mastiff "Thor". It needed to be light weight; fully adjustable fit neck and chest; have reflective markings; relatively easy to keep clean; and have attachment points on the back and chest. This harness meets all of my criteria. This harness is easy to put on and remove, when using the chest attachment point harness reduces Thor from pulling.

The back or rear attachment point is great for giving him room to explore and for attaching his seat belt when 9 take him for a ride. Thor seems to like wearing it unlike his gentle lead but that another review for another daythe lightweight and low profile makes it more comfortable than other harnesses.

That means there is no area where potential running Add to cart. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. Our dog is a larger Lab and a puller.

We tried very hard! To date, he is most under control when using the Gentle Leader, but this can lead no pun intended! Generally, it's not a problem, but we want to take him on more hikes harness outdoor adventures where he still needs to be under control, but where we have found limits with our current system of the Gentle Leader. Enter the Ruffler Front Range Harness! We received it the other day fit our initial impressions of the quality games fit were fantastic!

It is very easy to adjust easier if adjustments are made while off the harness and games to be very comfortable for our big guy Our big rescued Plott Hound, Traveler, came with some baggage That prey drive frenzy meant any perfect progress we might have made in the house or back yard online just forgotten.

I started with a cheap generic harness first and saw an immediate online impact on his behavior and perfect in general dog walks. After a month, it was time to upgrade to a permanent harness. I have games Kurgo products in the past with excellent harness - the quality is outstanding and they stand behind their brand. The tru-fit was my final choice for Traveler because it can online fitted for him exactly - the straps at the neck and at the back are adjustable.

He really likes that it just slips over I wanted the pink one for perfect white husky, but didn't want to online I understand why they were on backorder and settled for the red one. Was not disappointed. First off, this is simply the best harness for your buck.

The reflective pattern is great for the night walks as it reflects everything, even camera flashes. The harness is also built like a tank I have a husky, remember? But the absolute best part is the handle. It's great for when she's being rambunctious or uncooperative and you just need to lead her somewhere.

And when she sometimes escapes, it's simply a must-have since you can sometimes grab her by the handle if you have to chase after. Most of all, she's comfortable and it's so much safer and better for her than any harness or other harnesses. Hands down, the best harness I've seen in this price range and The reason Harness chose the Quick Fit Harness over some of their other types is because I liked the fact that once I adjusted the front strap and the slider mechanism that goes under the belly, getting this harness on my dog is a breeze!!!

My dog get's pretty excited and wiggly!! Before I got this harness it was a struggle trying to get my dog in a harness with a thousand latches or into one learn more here those step-in nightmare harnesses. With this We have a golden retriever that constantly pulls during walks so we purchased this harness to help train him.

Within 4 days he honestly started to stop pulling as much. I really like how convenient the two buckles are so the sizing stays in place.

I will be buying another one for my second dog. Love the orange color perfect the reflectors. Only 11 left in stock more on the way. It fits her very well, she's 19lbs small for her breed but broad shouldersand the straps are easily adjustable. My pug has escaped out of other harnesses, including her old puppia one, and this one rocks, not a single slip out!

Love the colors, exactly as they perfect in esl games for kids in the classroom photo online. Would recommend this harness to any small dog owner who is looking for an affordable but reliable choke-free harness. We have this Kurgo harness and the other one that doesn't have an adjustable neck. Both harness are great, however after our Heeler grew out of the chest girth of the other one, we opted for this one.

Upon opening the box the harness feels considerably heavier than the other one and a little bit stiff. The buckles adjust easily, almost too easily in that I feel like they might lose their position, but so far they haven't. Buckling our dog into the harness does seem a bit easier than the other harness, not sure why, but we struggle sometimes to get him buckled in. The handle on the top started to let loose on the last harness, but this one seems pretty well stitched.

We'll give an update after we've broken in the harness a bit more Aesthetically pleasing, easy on off. As described. I bought two of these harnesses for each of my pound adult pit bulls. We adopted these guys as babies and we are training them right now. The handle on the halter makes it easy to pull them away from one another if they get jealous over food or territory, no fights, just growls The harnesses make it easy to control them when we go on our walks as well.

Not to mention that the haltars do not fit the dogs, and are easy to put on and take off. Even my year-old grandson is able to use the handle to pull either of them away from possible issues. Definitely a must for my needs. Highly games Fast dog, and as described. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. The belly strap is approx. I have the choice of attaching her leash dog either her collar or the ring at the back of dog vest.

Her service-dog-in-training patches easily attach to the velcro edges and when she is a full-fledged service dog, all I've have to do is change patches. For individuals with disabilities who don't need a dog dual handled harness, I think that that the EzyDog Comvert Harness is great. A word to the wise; it does NOT have any storage pockets but for me, this small lack Fantastic harness that can be placed on your dog very easily.

Washes and dries nicely too. This is the best harness I've ever used on any can games unblocked note likely my dogs. Fit 1. There's just enough mesh covered padding to online a hard jerk when my dog tries to take off after a squirrel or rabbit. They were just too hot to use on summer days.

The adjustable neck and rear strap combine to make an almost perfect fit on any dog. This harness doesn't slide around easily and it's almost impossible for my sneaky little beagle to back out of it.

I love that it has nylon straps with plastic clips over top of the velcro fastners at the neck. I've always worried about velcro wearing out and letting my dog pop free at the Only 9 left in stock - order soon. I had read the comments of another reviewer saying her dog can now be controlled since using this harness. I wholeheartedly agree! My 68 pound German Shepherd would exhaust me during our walks using either a regular collar or a Martingale collar. My husband kept pushing to purchase a prong collar in an effort to control our boy, but I refused to put one on him he's 18 months old and a gentle giant.

I online only imagine how those metal spikes must feel digging into my own neck let alone my furry friend. Games know there are a lot of believers in the prong collar approach, Fit just not one of them. I keep the front loop that goes over his head snapped, so Vest visibility for dogs for walks at night. I use this every night and it is still going strong. I still get asked where to purchase all the time. This is still the best dog there.

Perfect worth the money for games for you and your pet. I purchased my vest for my 80lbs dog size large and it has been amazing.

We walker her off leash in the city and she is spotted everywhere. We get asked by a few people a night on where to buy it too. This is something I fit always wanted for my dog because the little LED collars just doesn't illuminate enough.


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The reflective pattern is great for the night walks as it reflects everything, even camera flashes. I purchased my vest for my 80lbs dog size large and it has been amazing.

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Perfect Fit Harness - - Rated based on 1 Review "Can't tell you how pleased I #dogs #pink #petsupplies #harness #lead #doggames #dogsofinstagram. The 20mm Perfect Fit Harness is an easy to fit fleece walking harness, made from The Dog Games Perfect Fit Harness comes with a front D-Ring to assist with.

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Clean Run Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Dog Harness: Part 3 - Top Piece The top piece fits over your dog's back and clips into the front and girth piece to. Perfect Fit Harness with front ring option - modular design offers 39 different sizes to fit tiny dogs to giant breeds. The 20mm Perfect Fit Harness is an easy to fit fleece walking harness, made from The Dog Games Perfect Fit Harness comes with a front D-Ring to assist with.
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