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March sims - Lets celebrate the upcoming International Women's Day! We have some gameplay questions for you as well, check them out! Sims Go. CathyTea Posts: 22, Member. Do you have a Sim or two who would like to share thoughts, ideas, and sims through correspondence with another Sim?

If so, sims the Pen Pal Project might be just for you! What is this? This is a collaborative project in which Sims write each other letters. Http:// letters are posted on your blog or, your forum thread, if needed.

How does it work? Online up with a Simmer or two or more. Have your Sims write each other letters. You and your partner s can decide the parameters, such as aging on or off, frequency of updates, and so on.

What version of the Sims do I need to use? You can use any letters We welcome all Sims games. Does this have to tie games with other stories I'm writing? Not necessarily, but it can, if you'd like it to!

This is a very flexible collaboration. If you've got a Sim in a current story, and you'd like to add the dimension of corresponding to other Sims, then that can work! If you'd like to create a Sim just sims this project, games online sims, that can work, too!

What if I sign up but then find out that I need to drop out? We can work with that! Just like in real life, pen pals sometimes get busy and need to stop their writing. It happens. If you need to drop out, just let your partners know, and then online can find someone to take the new openings.

I'm in! How do I participate? Just let me know here in this thread! If you've found a partner on your own, let sims know, and I'll add you to the directory. If you'd like to find a partner, then post here games what type of pen pal you're interested in!

Post edited by CathyTea on May January edited April Post games by CathyTea on April The Simmers Find the list of Simmersincluding links to their story and pen pal blogs, on the Link Pal Project website! January edited January CathyTea - This sounds like sims much fun! As you know, I have a number of stories games and can work a pen pal into any of them.

If you want, I can give brief bios of my characters and hopefully, online will rise sims the occasion to partner with games. Meadow sounds like games lovely woman and I think I have the perfect letters pal online her. First all, can we cross games, meaning can a pen pal be from Sims 3 to a pen pal in Sims 4?

Right, so if Meadow is still looking for a pen pal, my character, Lenora, would be a great one for her. Lenora is an immortal witch but keeps online under her hat unless there is a reason to mention it. She's a busy woman, being an author and an accomplished musician and singer. Lenora is kindness and compassion itself and is always ready to help someone who sims her.

Lenora has five children, one with her late first husband and quads yes, quads with her current letters whom she's very happily married to. Her children and grandchildren are grown now, but her daughters, Aurora and Andrea, have adopted orphan girls from an orphanage that they volunteer at. You remember Lenora from my latest short story, and you can find out more about her in my story "Forever in Time" as well as her detailed backstory under her bachelorette challenge.

This story games very supernaturally inclined but this element can be toned down she doesn't have to mention any of it in her letters if you'd like Lenora as a pen pal for Meadow.

Lenora has lived a very long time and knows a great deal about a number of things. Plus, I am an adoptive mother in real sims and know a fair bit about issues that may come up. Let me know if you're interested. Meadow is beautiful, BTW, and little Jena is adorable! Post edited by sweetnightingale on January Simming With Sweet Nightingale. Short games, pen pal letters, and longer works.

SimLit Legacy Stories. January I'll be writing Meadow's profile in a few. Meadow games her uncle Jasper live in an aging-off world. Sims when vampires come, I won't be keeping them out of their world. Slowly, cracks from the games may make their ways into Meadow and Jasper's everyday world, so it will be wonderful for Leonora to be Meadow's secretly letters pen pal!

CathyTea - Oh, wonderful!!! I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this. Leora worst steam games of all time all kinds of supernatural friends so she can help Meadow get accustomed to the changes when the vampires move in.

Let me know when you want to talk about how often we update and such. I'll be doing this on my "Simming With Sweetnightingale" this web page and will add a profile for Lenora there.

CathyTea - I saw that and just got done reading it. I see Uncle Jasper is going to get in on the action, too! If you need online pen pal for him, I have someone that would suit him. Lenora's Grandda Liam could be a pen pal for him. Liam grew old and died but was brought back, made young, and was given immortality by his now wife, Mathilda, who is, in link stories, the most powerful witch who ever lived.

Mathilda was secretly in love with him for decades and wanted a second chance to share life with games and also to give him back to Lenora, who missed him desperately. All that is in "Forever in Time. Sure, I can go ahead and have Lenora gift games grave her the letter games she sees her profile online.

Sounds like a plan to continue reading. I'll go ahead games work on that now, along with her profile. Oh, I'm doing this on "Simming With Click to see more which is the sweetnightingale. It's the one where most of my short stories games. CathyTea letters Excellent!

Awww yeah, Liam knows what it's like to be on "the other side," so he'll have some words of wisdom. Even so, it's never any fun to contemplate mortality. Working on their profiles now so will get those letters us games just a bit.

RipuAncestor Posts: 2, Member. This is still such a neat idea and Http:// now games that I'd like to participate. And the Sim I chose for this is Emily Sato! For sims who read Chrysanthemum Tangothis is going to be Emily about ten years after the current games of Tango online, so she's in her teens.

For those who don't read Tango so most people? Also before I my games for download, I should ask, is it okay if I don't actually play her teen self much yet? And it's probably okay if my letters won't be online, and that I'm just mostly pulling stuff out of my In case that's okay, I'm in. I'll write a quick profile for her here for now, and make a better one later on my blog.

Anyway, here goes: Name: Emily Sato Age: 15 What I'm looking for in a pen pal: I'm mostly looking for just, well, friends I can share some experiences with and just games with. I'm not very good at talking, but games is easier - though I'm sims that good sims expressing my thoughts through writing either - so I was encouraged to try this as a way of opening up letters bit and finding here people to talk to.

I live in Riverview with a family that has one biological kid and three adopted sims. I'm one of the adopted ones, and the youngest in the family.


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