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The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of March 6 - Click here for this week's Trade Highlight, and discover some great uses to jump into!

March 6 - Lets celebrate the upcoming International Women's Day! We have some gameplay uses for you as well, check them out! Next Go. August I don't see how it could be added in a way that didn't offend anyone but at the same time ADDED anything to the game.

Just seems like something that should be left gamestop to modders. What'd you just say?? If it was optional I want trade religion-free-game-zone, but if I can have that while you enjoy your prayer then I'm cool with it. RobBauer Posts: Member. August edited August Nothing brings the worst out of us more than the discussion of religion and politics.

Perhaps we should tone it down a bit. I don't like the idea of placing temples of worship for real world religions in the game, as it would games stir controversy and feel awkward in my game.

However there was games boy gift nature suggestion in this list I liked. I interpreted The Sims universe to be a utopian one, and perhaps the people of this utopia are all united under one vague and open to interpretation belief system. I like the idea of sims being able to meditate and here pray?

Prayer is complicated because while meditation has strictly spiritual context, prayer implies talking to a god, and many religions have different prayer stances.

And perhaps games unblocked affection isn't an actual religion at all, regardless of your beliefs or trade, our brains do have a "spiritual" desire.

Maybe its to be with a god, maybe its to be united with nature, maybe its credit fulfilling feeling some people get from not being part of a religious group. Many actually get it fulfilled from a nationalistic or conformist fulfillment, being part of a whole. We all want to feel a sort of connection, why can't our sims as well? If they added religion to the continue reading, I'm certain someone would sue.

Or at least start a war over it in the forums. Trade sure EA doesn't want to anger anyone else after the whole "toddlers pools" thing, anyways. It might, oh the terror, hurt them money-wise.

Origin ID: honeynut KatzMeowz A "religion" created for the mere sake of ridiculing faith? Yeah, I will call that stupid. Gamestop someone question certain aspects of my religion I would be more than willing to discuss them.

But people have a tendency to insult the people of a faith, rather then questioning the content of it. Insulting belief-systems indiscriminately? That's just bigoted. JohnConnor Posts: 1, Member. Maybe it would be better to just pretend our sims are religious. At least that way there wont be a fight about it. You shouldn't get obscene you know. There is no need credit seriously.

Top games 25 that funny. Also, this is a Teen rated game. If you are not careful, you could get banned. Also, who ever said that the Freezer-bunny is a she and the Llama a he? Don't you know it's the opposite? Nik24X7 Posts: 7, Member. I usually placed a church in each town games Sims check this out so that my Sims click here a place for weddings and such.

And aside from the menorah and the Kwansaa candle holder, there weren't really many religious items in the Sims 3.

I don't count the Christmas tree as a religious item, per se. It has more to do with holiday cheer than religion, in my opinion. All that aside, I think modders and third-party content creators will sims us the items we need in terms of religion. I think it's fair prayer say if any aspect of religion is added in TS4, I would avoid this. Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 6, Member. I personally don't see why there would be a problem bringing in the Peterans and Jacobans from Medieval.

They were fun and you could choose not to incorporate them. There could even be an outdoor venue for games who worship a nature deity. This is the sort of thing that makes themed games more fun. I still find it bizarre that EA uses so afraid to touch religion in a main game, when they allowed it in Medieval.

They kinda sims to put it in Medieval because religion was such a major part of daily life in the middle ages, yet I'm sure many people would say it still games now. Whether we like it or not, many societies have a religious framework, even if games pleasant download have become secularised for most people Christmas, Easter etc.

I'm not even a churchgoer yet my world had a distinctly Christian framework with regard to school assemblies. My parents still typically eat fish rather than meat on a Friday due to my dad's Catholic upbringing, and this is a guy who has had nothing good to say about organised credit as long as I can remember!

The other side of the coin is that many people are opposed to the supernatural for religious reasons. What about all finger games to play with baby uber-Christians who think Harry Potter gamestop trade in pay demonspawn?

Sims games include witches, vampires sims other supernatural beings which are perceived as anti-Christian in many ways not sure prayer other religions. On the other hand, gamestop can be linked to some pagan beliefs. I love the witches and fairies yet I find it strange that EA is ok with putting in creatures that would offend a particular segment of society, whilst choosing to deny content that might upset a different segment.

As people have said, other fantasy games have fictional religions Skyrim, Dragon Age and you can't even opt out of those, so why not let the Sims have the option? Perhaps they could offer lots of options for all types of religions. Or they could add some stuff to a supernatural pack which I am wondering if that is the only way we are getting supernaturals this time, through 1 expansion pack dedicated to them. TSM also had real beer and wine in the game yet in the other sims games its still referred to as juice.

Yes, a little odd, as 'Sims: Medieval' was T-rated prayer despite alcohol, violence and 'crude themes'. BlkBarbiegal Posts: 7, Member. I played sims on PSP and some of the sims worshiped a cow?

Some bovine entity and had to do the sacred bovine dance. It was very funny. Anyway, religion should be kept out of sims I'm Christian and should be an individual thing. Such as, if you want to add churches and have play games for money online free vampires attend, cool. Sims is so versatile, which is awesome. Yes, the way I gamestop may differ totally than others.

Credit sims wait until marriage these uses before woohoo and so forth It's my sims, my way Sign In or Register to comment.


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I don't count the Christmas tree as a religious item, per se. There could even be an outdoor venue for sims who worship a nature deity. What about all the uber-Christians who think Harry Potter is demonspawn?

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1 Answer. +1 vote. Best answer. Just click on your hero and you should see an option to pray. answered 8 years ago by anonymous. It's not an open ended game in the Sims tradition. It's got stuffs like quests and some RPG elements. SOme fans hate it. Some love it. answered.

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