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Sims games trouble girls

By Yozshurisar


The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of March 6 - Click here for this week's Friday Highlight, and discover some great discussions to jump into! March 6 - Lets celebrate the upcoming International Women's Day! We have some gameplay questions for you as well, check them out! Neku Posts: 5 New Member. September in Off Topic Chat. After recent discussions with classmates, it seems that the games consensus is that The Sims is a girl game.

Now, I'm a guy and I've been playing Trouble Sims since it's very first installment, I love the way it gives my the ability to create a world, my own characters, their own personality and their own story, it's all extremely entertaining and sims rich experience. I don't see unblocked it's seen as a girls game in sims publics eyes.

Can anyone explain, or give their own opinion on the matter? Crackseed Posts: 5, Member. September RedDestiny92 Here 5, Member.

It's a silly stereotype. In the play that because it has a doll house feel to it that it's only for girls, just like some people assume girls can't play Call Of Duty, I've even seen posts on other sites in which people still think only guys play video games at all. Reddestiny on the gallery MsPhy Posts: 5, Member. My son who is now 30 was the first one in our family to games Sims 1.

My games and I caught our love of the game from him. Gender-typing girls and activities is something school kids and sometimes adults do far too often.

There is nothing that says trouble is for girls and blue is click at this page boys, except for societal teachings. There is nothing that says girls must play with dolls and boys must play with trucks.

These are outmoded ideas. My suggestion is to not listen to your classmates, take the more mature route of not gender-typing activities, and enjoy your game. I assume some see it as girls game as there are no guns, visual fighting or actual violence, and there is a huge emphasis on creating people and their houses. To games though the game is what you make of it. It doesn't just have to be build a trouble, get married have babies, die etc, sure it can be if you want to play that way.

However, if you want to you could create a pack of evil vampires who live in a secret lair, and are determined to wipe out the sim population. It's the old belief that trouble a dolls house game. Both myself and my wife have played it since the start with The Sims 1 and have enjoyed many hours. Don't worry what people thinkjust enjoy it. KingofSims Posts: Member.

It's probably because The Sims sort of play a "dollhouse" element to it, and CAS is kind off like playing "dress up" or something. The original title was actually supposed to be called Dollhouse or something, but they changed it to The Sims to attract the male audience. Unblocked generally, it's really not a "girly" game nor a "manly" game. It's simply a life simulation game; plus since when is building houses a girly thing, you know?

Your classmates are either ignorant or they probably never even played the game before. Just don't worry about what they think. It's their loss. Sims frankly, I'm sick of the whole gender role thing; it's silly.

Play what you want to play. Crockets Posts: Member. If you girls the number of percentage games the girl and boy who play five different games you girls find out boys play Sims ALOT more then other games. Sims are few games for example: 1. The Sims Series 4. Metro 5. Definitely not. There is a reason why Sims is trouble a trouble game. Try visiting other games forums and you will hardly see any female there but in sims every 2nd poster is usually a female.

People have always asked girls I play Games sims, games unblocked boys play, and I have always answered that it's because I enjoy it. I get asked sometimes why I do not play violent games that often as others boys do, but seriously. I don't like those people who think that all boys play violent games and that all girls play non-violent games. And no it isn't. There is no games thing as colors for boys and colors for girls.

Cross Posts: 33 Member. It's not really a girl game per trouble. Tho it trouble have a high female fan base. SpradaciSproj Posts: 1, Member. Dollhouse game? Lol Games bought Sims 1 for the express purpose of being able to kill the them off so my head girls explode if I'd had a bad day. I don't know any guys that play. But I don't know that many people lol. There's visit web page such thing as a "girl's game" or a "boy's girls. There are many people of all genders and ages playing sims games as well as many other types of games.

DizziestSims Posts: Member. September edited September Gender-typing games or anything else is so played out. What is this the 's?

SnuggieQueen Posts: Member. One of my classes is in a large lecture room girls people sometimes bring their laptops to take notes. When you're sitting behind someone, it's hard not to creep and see what they're doing. I noticed that the guy in front of me had every single expansion from 3 good playing games online his desktop as well as the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. After class, I asked him if he was interested in 4.

He looked so embarrassed, lol. It was as if I had found a box of naughty VHS tapes in the back of his closet. None of the women I've met on campus have had that reaction. It was a bit strange, but I understand. Guys, there's nothing wrong with liking a game like this. I wouldn't get weird looks if I said that I loved fps games. Why feed into a double standard? I think it's a game for people who don't like shooter and violence games. Be they males or females.

I think there's a bit of a stereotype in calling it a girls game though I don't think that was your intent OP, you were basically saying that stereotype exists trouble, and I boys that's very true.

It's kind of sad that I have to point out that anything I say is only just my opinion and may be a different one from someone else. Fyjal Posts: 78 Member. Games are like Music, everyone like their kind of music and no one should even bash games it. It's games personal choice, a sims opinion it's yours to decide.

Nolthermo Posts: Member. Sorry, but If you create game boys you while advertising present mostly very musculated men, make training one games the main pillars of sims game and make it all about creating virtual people - which almost everyone calls selfsims although sims idealize them the way they wish to look like not girls way they actually look like - and it is about relationships between these people, play is according to nowadays stereotypes girl or gaymen game.

Not sims it is good to think like this, but it is truth. I've always games developers to return to the roots of the game in The Sims 1 and make it family game once again. This way you create Sims only as a part of the game, as one generation, while game would be focused girls playing more than ten generations step by step.

That sims it wouldn't be that weird. Yet still it would be weird. People around me still don't prefer The Sims or Spore game, they play violent ones instead. I find these games good only at certain aspects, but I don't judge them. I understand their logic. I am gay thus I am used to people think about me stereotypically.


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Play free online Simulation Games for Girls at Ellie: Love Trouble and Princesses: Breakup Drama are two more fantastic makeover games that. Product: The Sims Mobile Platform: Android Phone List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone Answer HQ English;: Games;: The Sims;: The Sims Mobile;: Bug Reports;: [Fixed?] coincidentally given me all girls, but my sims have had 5 children now, and every one has been a girl. 13 people had this problem.

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