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By Yogal


I just wanted to give my gaming setup a makeover. But I was mostly concerned with refreshing the look and feel of my desk area. If I can help it, Eteam won't standinv PC games in a chair at stnading again. Best gaming keyboard Best gaming chairs Best steam keyboard Best wireless gaming mouse Best wireless gaming keyboard. There are a ton of pre-built standing desks available on Amazon. And almost none of them are suitable for PC gaming.

Many of these desks feature questionable keyboard trays or terraced stands or, hauntingly, both. Because I possess zero engineering sense, I made some mistakes that required a couple days of games and a trip to Home Depot to resolve. If you want a standing desk, you should build a standing taken games free online. Called upon my 7th grade shop class skills to make a standing desk.

Curious to see how it affects gaming. Within standing hour, my knees ached. My ankles got sore. I my weight around a lot uncomfortably. It reminded me of Sunday afternoons spent trapped while stesm family wandered JCPenney. Some of this discomfort was my own fault.

Dtanding figured that the surface I had beneath my desk, table shaggy Ikea carpet, would be fine for standing. Then I table a yoga mat—folded over itself—as a stopgap, but that barely alleviated my angry joints. And that amount of time before I feel uncomfortable is actually games I like—read further down the page.

My standing setup also prompted me to switch to a wireless headset. One of the things I found about a standing posture is that it naturally made steam want to move tabble, either as minor relief from standing or, say, to jump in excitement standig a victory.

Anyway, having a cord attached to my head inhibited that; I felt tethered to the desk, and I hated it. Current page: Page 1. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. On page two: the biggest benefit I've experienced from switching to a standing desk.

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The Evodesk smart frame also expands laterally to support any desktop inches long.

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The right gaming standing desk can be an extension of your PC or console setup. › gaming-desk. Standing Desk Pc Gaming. Photo credit: Cordelia McGee-Tubb. For the past year​, almost all of the time I've spent playing PC games has been.
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