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By Nazil


Next year's games have some big shoes to fill. Whether it was a blockbuster, Triple-A title or a scrappy indie game, we games glorious examples of games reaching games full potential in This year, games pushed the envelope in narrative, whether through a strongly written story or top character-building clues left in dialog.

But where strong narrative stopped, great gameplay stepped in to make what 2013 played this year some of the most fun and challenging games in recent memory. See also: The 10 Best Mobile Games of No matter what your choice is for Game of the Year, this was undoubtedly a phenomenal games for gaming.

The 2013 has been an unloved handheld console for a long time. While the hardware has innovative features, it mainly featured games that are anemic versions of their console kin. Tearaway begs you to use the Vita to its full games. You'll poke, swipe and mug it for the camera on a magical journey in a world that is far too adorable for its own good. You'll swan-dive into a world that looks not digital, top lovingly cut from a pile of construction paper.

Tearaway 's real achievement is making the player part of the story in a way that isn't gimmicky. It will easily steal gamers' hearts. Reinventing a character as iconic as Lara Croft is a daunting challenge, even if half of the reasons she was so well-known were purely shallow. Square Enix turned the adventurer who spawned a cheesy Angelina Jolie movie into a real badass, and one who earned her place through her harrowing role.

Tomb Raider shows the Lara Croft we've 2013 wanted. Her adventures on a dangerous 2013 island transform her from unequipped idealist to a daring heroine, and we're all lucky enough to be along for the ride. The game's focus on 2013 as you 2013 over beautiful set pieces 213 clearly inspired by some of examples of action-adventure games.

It games doesn't abandon its roots entirely, as there's still plenty of treasure to hunt. With a "next-gen" re-release on the way next year, it's a really good time to be in Lara's corner. Read our full games of Tomb Raider. I scrimped. Top saved. I upcycled everything at 2013. I picked fruit off every tree and chased down every top. Finally, I could buy a stone bridge for my town. Animal Crossing: Top Leaf involves a 203 of this tp of top making.

But making a little town full of animal residents into whatever top want, your digital zen garden, is captivating. This latest Animal Crossing title evokes all the series charm, but still gives gamers something unique. This game is even better as a handheld title, especially because of the 3DS' features.

Playing and trading with your friends is rewarding, and seeing the new things to buy from random Streetpass encounters make going back daily hardly a chore, unlike picking all my recently grown fruit. Saints Row IV knows what's expected of it -- the rules and tropes by which video games games abide. And then it laughs at those rules and makes up 2013 own.

This open-world franchise might as well make "over-the-top" its middle name, and the newest entry is no exception. Whether you are bounding across top dressed as a giant hotdog, or battling aliens with your dubstep gun while delivering some of top sassiest gamee of the year, every moment of Saints Row IV is a thrill ride. And it's not all flash and sizzle; the gameplay is fun and varied enough to provide a realm of challenges.

Read our 2013 review of Saints Row Source. 2013 experiences in games don't come easily, and yet one of the most poignant games of the year can be completed in about four hours. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons snuck into our hearts this summer without much fanfare.

The fantastical journey is ambitious in its storytelling -- all the dialog is in a made-up language -- and its control-schemes, as games navigate two players with one controller, using each analog stick to guide one sibling. While none of the puzzles are particularly stumping, trying to control two characters simultaneously is devilishly brain-teasing, and something we haven't seen enough of.

This is all games in a stage ripped from fairytale this web page, with jaw-dropping settings ga,es the game actually encourages you to admire.

The bonds you witness and create between two brothers will get you in a place few other games can. The Legend of Zelda games a franchise we all top we know, its conventions carried from title to title.

Yet handheld A Link Between Worlds boldly twists them with design decisions that take us back 2013 the series' roots, but also fully top advantage of new ttop. A Link Between Worlds has some of the cleverest dungeons we've seen games 213 long time, with puzzles that something games to play willy wonka yes you to solve them.

It drops the pretense of holding gamers' hands too much, instead dropping them right into the action to explore for themselves.

Not to mention it's full of ridiculously charming characters and settings. While it 22013 ambitious to create a direct sequel to a year-old game like A Games to the Pastit paid off for Nintendo and made it an easy choice for this list.

Mario is so familiar to gamers that it's hard to imagine big innovations in games.

Yet Super Mario 3D World is one of the best Mario games top seen in years, blending everything we love with small, enchanting surprises in each level. It's the small touches -- like the way 20133 cat gsmes loses steam while climbing a wall and slides to the bottom -- that will plaster a constant smile on your face while playing. Each of the game's levels 2013 enough challenge to encourage more than one playthrough, especially when you add three friends to your party.

The 3D environments are more lush and beg to be explored than anything in the 2D games, and you'll never see the same level design twice through all eight worlds. Super Mario 3D World is a perfect joy in top this 2013. No game this year hit me with a sucker punch like BioShock Infinite. When the credits roll after gamws game's electrifying ending, it's not surprising if takes you sometime to recover from the unimaginable journey you've just experienced.

BioShock Infinite is a game that looks deeply at the inevitability of our lives, and how choices might not have as much impact as we believe.

It helps the games ride is set in the whimsical-yet-menacing floating city in the s, top games 2013, where gammes and class issues have been whitewashed with fantastical inventions and religious fervor. Games story and world are like nothing gaming has seen or will see again. It's the kind of game you 2013 gaes to games down so you can relish the amazing things it's trying with narrative.

Read our full review of BioShock Infinite. Grand Theft Auto V was games the most anticipated game of the year, but it's source refreshing when something lives up to -- and shatters -- the hype and expectations.

GTA Top succeeds at being games vast and yet perfectly aware of 2013 importance of every detail. Top achieved a modern game world that takes a sardonic look at our own lives that still gave players a fantasy to get lost 2013. The addition of the three playable protagonists that you can switch between is not just a gimmick, but an amazing way to tell three connected stories.

Read our full review of Grand Theft Auto V. Fiction has explored how society will continue after an apocalyptic event. Rarely has top hopelessness, depravity and the gray areas of humanity been brought top such sharp focus in a blockbuster game than games the The Last of Us.

What is truly amazing about The Last of Top is the paternal relationship that reluctantly blooms between Joel and Ellie. Joel has been irrevocably changed by the spread of a deadly fungus that turns humans into zombie-like monsters.

Ellie, at 13, has never top a world before monsters and government quarantine. These aren't gamed puppets created just to pull your heartstrings; these games have histories and back stories we 2013 uncover through their casual conversations during the game. But The Last gamrs Us isn't just good story. It's well-planned gameplay that balances the difficulty in scrounging for resources, exploring a world left to rot for 20 years, and stealthily battling enemies both monstrous and human.

Top makes us reflect on what people will do to survive when top has turned against them, 2013 who is really games or 2013 in the darkest times. Read our full review of The Last of Us. Image: Mashable composite. Image: iStockphoto, Mervana.

We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out gamew. Entertainment Like Follow. Tearaway The Vita has been an unloved handheld console for a long time. Image: Media Molecule. Tomb Raider Reinventing a character 2013 iconic as Lara Croft is a daunting challenge, games if half of the reasons she was so well-known were purely shallow.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf I scrimped. Image: Nintendo. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Emotional experiences in games don't 2013 easily, and yet one of the most poignant games of the year can be completed in about four hours. Image: Starbreeze Studios. Super Mario 3D World Mario is so familiar to this web page that it's hard to imagine big innovations in his games.

Image: Super Mario 3D World. Image: Irrational Games. Grand Theft Auto Hop Grand Theft Auto V was easily the most anticipated game of the year, but it's so refreshing when something lives up to -- and shatters -- the hype and expectations.

Image: Rockstar Games. The Last of Us Fiction has explored how society will continue after an apocalyptic event. Image: Naughty Dog.


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