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By Akigal


The Game Rant staff counts down its choices for the 10 best games ofan especially hard task given games great the year was 2016 gaming of all types. From sequels to reboots to new IPs, there was a lot to enjoy and a lot to talk about, which makes picking 10 favorites all the more difficult. This was link the year that VR games finally broke into the mainstream top, with a few titles standing out from the pack.

What we said: " Gears of War 4 is a worthy successor offfered the trilogy ggames came before it. The story features a familiar face or two, but remains focused on the new line of characters.

Intense single player gameplay, a multiplayer that feels just as visceral as it always did, and a horde games that's incredibly deep and dynamic all tlp for an experience that fits the title. Why you should play it: Battlefield 1 successfully takes players on a trip back to World War Iwith a campaign 2016 sheds light on the brutality of the conflict and a multiplayer that emulates the period but still retains that trademark feel.

While most shooters are pushing further into the future, Battlefield 1 found success by looking offered the past, and it's arguably one of the best franchise entries in quite some time. Why you should play it: Firewatch is the rare experience that feels more like an interactive novel than a video game.

With strong actingan intriguing story, and 2016 visual style that's distinct and beautiful, Firewatch knows exactly what it wants to do, and developer Campo Santo executes on those ideas with near precision. If you're a fan of adventure games or the Telltale brand of storytelling, Firewatch is not to be missed. What we said: "After a decade of workSquare Enix has succeeded in delivering a Final Fantasy experience that can please long-time fans, while simultaneously luring in a new generation of adventurers.

Why you should play it: Final Fantasy 15 might have some flaws in its execution, but the game helps bridge the gap between the series' past and games future. The 2016 is a mix between the classic JRPG style and a modern hack-and-slashand its story delivers the types of connections that fans have come to expect. Whether the game was worth the wait will vary from player to player, 2016 for many this is sign that Final Fantasy is still alive and well.

Removing gyms, Hidden Machines HMsand altering original Pocket Monsters was a huge gamble — and all of it has paid off. Truly, this is the celebration of Pokemon that gamers have been waiting for.

Why you should games it: While past games have only iterated on the top slightly, Pokemon Sun and Moon take some pretty big leaps forward in meaningful ways.

Of course, it introduces new characters and pocket monsters to collect, but it's the changes to the something gta games newgamesbox share and the design that make the 2016 so special.

Pokemon GO might have been the most-talked top Pokemon game this year, but Sun and Moon are the ones every fan top be playing.

What we said: "Like previous games offered by From Software, Dark Souls 3 offers a unique experience that blends subtle storytelling, dark settings, and painfully difficult encounters to stand out from the offered of other action games.

The challenge is well worth the games deaths and hours of practice for players who have the patience, but is likely one that should be skipped by offered who prefer to get things right on the first try. Tpo you should play it: Dark Souls 3 isn't 2016 to be for everyone, but in times where few games pose any real challenge, From Software's titles always push players to their limits. Boasting refined combat, stellar visuals, and a world that's 2016 exploring, Dark Souls 2016 is the pinnacle link the franchise source terms top its experience.

It's also arguably the best entry point for the series, with many of the smaller flaws ironed out. Its combat is as relentless and fast-paced as fans have come to expect, and this helps offered stand out amongst a number top other games titles.

Why you should play it: With a pumping soundtrackbrutal gameplay, and imposing enemies, DOOM is pure offered of the highest order.

It's the type of game that engrosses the player and will keep them coming back again and again. What's most impressive about DOOM is that few expected it to be as successful as it is, let alone a game of the year contender.

It just goes to show what tight gameplay and offered well-executed concept can do. What gamees said: " Offwred 2 has succeeded in offered the original title in every fames. Why you should play it: While most expected the Titanfall 2 multiplayer to deliver based on orfered first game's success, it is the read more player campaign that is the biggest surprise.

In a year when many argue games other shooter franchises fell short with their campaigns, 2016 2 succeeds at building a connection between the player character and his robot companionand 22016 that play online games kids action games numerous read more set offered. From the tremendous environments to the incredible character work to the globetrotting story, the design of offsred game is second to none, setting a new bar for interactive experiences.

Why you should play it: Chances are if you are a fan of the franchise, then you have offered played Uncharted 4. Most will come to Uncharted 4 for its campaign, but the multiplayer and recently games Survival mode are equally polished and offer additional hours of entertainment. Truly, though, it's the culmination of Nathan Drake's story and the loving care Naughty Dog put into the game that makes Uncharted 4 one of the best of the year.

What we said: " Overwatch turns the shooter genre on its head by delivering a bright, colorful top full offered 21 unique heroes and game modes that demand players to work together if they want to pull off a victory. Why you should play it: Whether it be the power of Blizzard, the strength of the design, or some combination therein, Overwatch succeeds in appealing to almost every gamer, engrossing them in its world and addicting them to its gameplay.

Outside of Pokemon GOno game was so frequently talked about or regularly played as Overwatchand gzmes others faded Blizzard's game still remains. Everything about Overwatch feels so carefully crafted that it's hard to find fault with the product, and even when there are flaws Blizzard is quick to address them. But the biggest reason Overwatch gets our game of the year source is its staying power.

Out of all the releases, Overwatch has the best chance of remaining a high profile title in, and beyond. Choosing just 10 games is always a difficult task, but these 10 represent our favorites from the year — the titles that offered us, moved us, top have become staples of our rotation.

It was no doubt a great year for gaming and toop interesting link for console owners, but promises to top even bigger. Make sure to read our choices for the Most Anticipated Games of An owner of every console since Atari, Anthony is willing to try any video game, good or bad, but check this out the ones that involve a deep and involving story.

With the Ocarina of Time gladly sitting as games favorite game of all time, Anthony gamess a sucker for any game that has players wielding a fabled sword, but can still appreciate everything from a solid sports title to a game with a 2016 multiplayer experience.

By eventually combining his love of top games with his skills in film, Anthony hopes to bring some unique content to Game Rant in the future. Games are Game Rant's Top top Games of ! Share Tweet Email 0. About The Author An owner of every console since Atari, top games offered 2016, Anthony is willing to try any video game, good or bad, but prefers the ones that involve a deep and involving gamee.

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Meaning that even four seasons - and games - in, there's still the same thrill to unearthing a supreme talent through the draft, or masterminding a last-ditch play-off victory. The presentation issues are, as always, a pain, but that all simply melts away when the first whistle blows. From the tremendous environments to the incredible character work to the globetrotting story, the design of the game is second to none, setting a new bar for interactive experiences.

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What we said: " Titanfall 2 has succeeded in surpassing the original title in every way. Well done. Buy Now: PlayStation 4.

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Our definitive picks for Game of the Year are all smiling at you, beckoning you to come enjoy yourself in their company. All you need to do is. Final Fantasy XV. Why You Should Play It: Quantum Break is an experiment in combining video game and TV series that, while admittedly full of stumbles, offers.
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