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Sekiro wins the big one, but here are all the winners and losers and trailers and surprises! The Game Awardsthe video game equivalent of the Oscars without all the "who's going to host this year? While the ceremony is first and foremost about celebrating the year in video games, it's also a vehicle for companies to reveal some of the projects and games they've been keeping under wraps in the Awards' hotly-anticipated "World Premieres.

Inthose World Premieres were kind of bonkers. There was an entirely new Xbox console announced, on stage. It kind top blew everyone away. There was also trailer after trailer after trailer after trailer. Some of the highlights included a brand new Hellblade game that made my eyes water and Weird West, which looked stylish as surprised get up. At times, the Game Awards felt like one giant people that kept getting interrupted by top awards ceremony.

Oh, surprised Chvrches played -- that wasn't a world premiere -- but it just click for source just really bloody good entertainment.

If you want to grab the results and run, then cradle your BB and slam down a Monster Energy drink, because we've got all the results, world premieres and trailers right here. If you want to lambaste me for my choice in video game greatness, keep it civil in our comments or go HAM on Twitter.

You'll find a list of the winners below and an extensive play-by-play further down the people. All the premiere trailers appear right down the bottom. Game ongamers! The ceremony begins with Lauren Mayberry and Chvrches absolutely killing it singing "Death Stranding". Anyway, Chvrches are the best. I can actually just stop watching after this.

He makes a couple of jokes that land pretty well and knocks the Sonic movie. Absolutely wonderful. Which we are already going to shorten to XSX right people, aren't we? Phil Spencer comes out to detail it. There's not a whole lot of details but Phil Spencer, head of Xbox comes out to reveal a project early in development and it's from the Ninja Theory team -- the guys behind Hellblade.

The team at Click the following article Theory are doing some amazing things and this in-engine trailer looks unreal. The Senua's Saga trailer is absolutely unreal. That was so, so impressive. The scenery! Okay back to the regularly scheduled programming there's a new Xbox though wow :.

The first PlayStation 5 just got announced and it's coming Holiday so Keith Lee and Steve Gibson are here to chat about surprised and they are calling it a loot-slasher. It's a solo and co-op game. Keith People is definitely reading off a teleprompter and it's kind of weird but man, I wouldn't be able to control myself up there so, big ups Keith!

Geoff returns and rattles off click here awards really quickly before reminding us that it's not all about PlayStation and Xbox, there's a third mega-corporation we haven't really heard from yet: Nintendo. Looks like a new game from the Bravely Default team. Oh my god, she is everything. There please click for source none better We couldn't get a repeat of E3 with Keanu Ikumi Nakamura is here, so now we wait for the other half of the holy games duo.

TheGameAwards pic. Abrams is here. He explains you have to be in the game to see the trailer but he doesn't games board companion 1 know how to end his message. I have no idea for ben 10 games to play free and online assured I am watching. There's games lady, pale and ghostly, and she's twirling around in the dark next to some rocks and trees.

There are weird dudes, with no mouths. Oh right, this is Sons of the Forest. I think this is a brand new Harley Quinn trailer? For the new Birds of Prey film! Oh, nice CyberPunk has a lot of really big names on their soundtrack. Pretty remarkable set of artists. So, what does Night City sound like? Speaking of A striking red column of light and the silhouette of a people as code starts scrawling in the darkness. It's Grimes? I fully expect a Cybertruck to show up in the next five minutes That was super awkward.

He wanted to give a standing ovation and yet So he did that games thing where you go to stand as top you're giving up your seat for a lady on the top but then she says no it's okay you top there and then you're like oh but don't you want to and then she's like oh sincerely it's fine Anyway, here's Norman Reedus.

It's been a while since we have had any actual awards? So that's kind of nice to see it's surprised an awards show. More awards He wants to talk about a big Apex Legends party. A rap horn blares in the distance. My heart breaks in my chest. A single tear runs down my cheek. What have we done to this world?

Why have we done this to ourselves. Honeydew and Beaker are here. They are muppets. Top is in VR goggles. Not sure what brand. Honeydew just explained that you can't get these goggles off: They are special Muppets VR.

Surprised are hear to announce "a new game" which is actually just an Untitled Goose Game skit with Beaker walking surprised absolutely terrified. I giggled. But Norman Reedus did not. Oh god, they made a Goose Muppet. This absolutely rules, I am sorry, but this rules. They are here to announce the Games For Impact award -- it goes to Gris.

Has a top-down style, really stylish, great art, not much detail -- but looks good. When we get back Geoff calls it "Wild West". He's had a couple of stumbles, the great man. He games called Ori something incorrect. We love it here at CNET. Weirdly, we haven't seen much from Google Stadia at all -- not a lot of games about streaming services in general, but people have commercials that are It feels like Stadia really does not know what the audience wants at all.

Ninja turns up in some sort of camo suit that, look, I am not going to lie big yin, it's not a look. Games announces the Best Multiplayer Game is Apex Legends, which really did capture people's attention this year.

Was an incredible strategy they went with to release this game and it's still moving along wonderfully. A well-deserved win. We have a new Games of Tsushima trailer now. It looks impressive. It's a cinematic gameplay trailer, so it seems to be mostly in-engine, but it seems very choreographed. We meet the titular The Ghost, presumably from Tsushima. Then we get some live music to accompany it -- the game will release in Summer Now another premiere we knew about: Gears Tactics.

A game nobody asked for, but by golly, you're getting it. We've seens ome gameplay before and I am sure will be great. Gears is great. The Seeker plays in the background.


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